The  Museumshop


In the Museumshop you will find a large choice of articles that will provide a nice souvenir of your visit but also articles suitable as gift. We also supply an attractive and ever changing assortment specially for children.
The Museumshop is open during the opening hours of the Museum and can be reached by telephone on Tuesdays until Fridays from 10H00 till 16H00.Its number is 033-4661995. The shop assistants will be happy to inform you about the present assortment if you so wish.

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75 jaar Berhardkazerne

  • Available is a new publication of the Museum, titled ´75 jaar Bernhardkazerne en zijn bewoners, 1939 - 22 mei - 2014´ (75 Years Bernhardkazerne and its Inhabitants, 1939 – May 22nd – 2014).
  • The writer is drs J.A. Bom,  highly valued cooperator of our Museum. He has already written several museal publications concerning the Cavalry.  The book costs € 10,00, is richly illustrated and counts 132 pages.    



New Cavalry Tie (common to all regiments)

In the shop the new Cavalry Tie is available.
Of course the tie sports the silver coloured Saint George´s emblem and the four regimental colours. In short, this tie cannot be missing from your collection!
The tie is for sale for a friendly price: € 18,45.







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