On a terrain at the edge of Amersfoort that was already in use for military exercise and as parade ground it was decided in 1938 – 1939 to build the first buildings of the Bernhardkazerne (Bernhard barracks). These buildings  were specially designed to house the armoured cars in use by the Cavalry, the  M36 and M38 Landsverk.

Shortly after the opening of the barracks The Netherlands were overrun by Nazi Germany. During the Second World War the Germans used the barracks to house personnel of nearby Soesterberg airfield.
Until June 1996 (the war years exepted) the Bernhardkazerne was typical for Cavalrybarracks. Thousands of hussars were schooled here for duties in tank units or reconnaissance units. The noise of heavy tanks was natural for the citizens of Amersfoort that came to live near the barracks.
In June 1996 the infantry school units were also placed on the Bernhardkazerne. These units were joined with the Cavalry in one training unit, the OTCMan ( Opleidings- en Trainingscentrum Manoeuvre, Schooling and Training Centre Manoeuvre). On the barracks are now several training centers, among others that of the Signal Corps.

In the course of the years much has changed on the barracks. In order to keep down the dust nuisance a large metalled road system was laid down at the rear of the barracks at the Vlasakkers for learning how to drive tanks and armoured cars. More training and other activities where moved that way.
Training that used to involve driving and shooting in former times are now partially trained using simulation, and in specially designed buildings.







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