The elaborate display of the Cavaleriemuseum is housed in two buildings.

In the Sint Jorisgebouw (Saint George’s building) uniforms, small arms, silver objects, paintings, miniatures, scale models etc. are on display. The grouping of the exhibits in Sint Jorisgebouw (on three levels) is as following: historical introduction, the Time of the Horse and the period of Wheels and Tracks.
In the Sint Jorisgebouw is a space for temporary displays as well.

Cav in BRD


In the second museum building, the  Landsverkgebouw, so named after the first armoured car of the Dutch cavalry, the Landsverk from Sweden, (official pre – war name  Pantserwagen M36 en M38), a large part of the collection historic Cavalry vehicles are on display. The display is completed with various objects such as motorcycles, equipment etc.

In the  outdoorexhibition tanks  and armoured cars are on exhibit around both buildings.

Close to the  Landsverkgebouw is the  restauratiewerkplaats (the restoration workshop).
Visiting groups may visit the shops by appointment.




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