On 14 December 14th 2002 the building that houses the collection historic vehicles was opened:  the Landsverkgebouw. This was formerly the garage to house the (Swedish) ‘Pantserwagen M38’  (Armoured Car M38).
For the Museum and for the Bernhardkazerne this is a historic building.
In shortt:
In the time preceding World War II the Dutch government tried to improve the state of the defence of The Netherlands after years of neglect. Among other things it was decided to form three squadrons of twelve armoured cars each.
For the first squadron Swedish armoured cars of Landsverk make were ordered in 1934 (Pantserwagen M36). For the second squadron more cars were ordered in 1937: (Pantserwagen M38). The third squadron (equipped with DAF armoured cars) never existed.
To house the second squadron new barracks were built at the edge of Amersfoort: the  Bernhardkazerne.
These barracks then counted three buildings. One of these was the garage for the  Pantserwagen M38. This building now houses a large part of the collection historic (fighting) vehicles of the Cavalry. A part of the collection is formed by one of the very few Landsverk armoured cars still in existence worldwide.

The name Landsverk is now more commonly in use to denote the  Pantserwagens M36 and M38 than the original, official, name.

In the  Landsverkgebouw now a large part of the collection historic vehicles of the museum is on display, together with the equipment and parts that belonged to these vehicles.



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