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The museum is housed at the Bernhardkazerne barracks at 198 Barchmann Wuytierslaan, Amersfoort, the Netherlands.


Opening hours:

Tuesdays until Fridays from  10h00 - 16h00
Closed: :

January 1st, Koningsdag (April 27th), Ascension day , December 25th, 26th and 31st.

Entrance fees:

Entrance fees:



€ 5.-

Adults (in groups of 10 or more)

€ 4.- per person

Persons from 6 until 18 years

€ 3.-

Museumkaart (Dutch museum voucher)

Free admittance

Friends of the Cavaleriemuseum, miltary personnel on active duty and civilians  in military service (on presenting their identity pass)

Free admittance

Veterans (on presenting their identity pass)

Free admittance

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The elaborate exhibition of the Museum of the Dutch Cavalry (Cavalerie museum) is housed in two buildings.
In the Sint Jorisgebouw (Saint George’s building) uniforms, small arms, silver objects, paintings, small scale models, miniatures etc. are on display.
In the Landsverkgebouw (Landsverk building), named after the first armoured car of the Dutch Cavalry, a large part ot the museum’s collection of historic Cavalry  vehicles is on display.
In the open air exhibition around the two buildings, tanks and armoured cars are also on display, 
Close to the Landsverkbuilding is the maintanance workshop. (E building).
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The Cavalry museum is depending on the support of its ´Friends´ among others to keep its financial stuation healthy. Their yearly contribution enables us to organize temporary displays, to perform maintenance on and restoration of the objects in the museum. Also to obtain new and unique objects that concern the Cavalry and its history.
‘Friends’ are allowed to use our library when  they study historic people and interesting facts and other subjects.
The museum is a meeting place for veterans, not just from the Cavalry but from other parts of the military as well, for (ex) cavalrymen and for everybody who is interested in the history of the army in general and the Cavalry in particular.

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The cavalry museum has until december 2017 to borrow two tanks of the British Bovington Tank museum.

These two tanks are in the Landsverkgebouw in Bay 3.

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